28 November 2012

it's been a month I become a part-time teacher, in teaching English and Science for grade 9. never thought I could really do this like, seriously. I still want a 'real' job either, which 'real' here refers to a permanent one. a 9-to-5 job with regular salary, annoying boss perhaps, something like a real career.  On the other side, I feel blessed, that somehow, I was given a chance to do somewhat teaching--well, I prefer to call it, a session of sharing knowledge. this I always tell the kids, I have no experience in becoming a teacher, nor in mastering teaching method, so I wish they'd be informed and understand my situation.

so, what's my impression? I must say, teaching is fun. yet hard. it's even harder than the studying itself. the advantage of becoming a teacher is, you are forced to keep learning, to maintain your personality traits, to read a lot and a lot, because whether you realize or not, you are the source of  the knowledge itself--at least in a class.

reminiscing my young age, I used to be so ignorant yet so careless to the teachers. but I have been taught, to not disrespect to any kind of professions. but, now somehow I see, teacher is indeed an honorable profession ever. though I'm not directly responsible to the kids' grades at school, but I feel I ought to enforce life's values to them--hey, it's the next generation we're talking about :p

one thing I note to my self, I don't expect high salary. because, it just can't. ok, here, the place where I teach, it belongs to so-called the poor. these kids (or the parents) can not afford the expensive course, while in the next four months, these kids will be having a national exam. so yeah, I can hand some helps by teaching them, in order to prepare the exam.

and... I think that's it.

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