a 'love note'

14 February 2011

few days ago i sent a note to someone, a ridiculous one. hahahaha...
i don't even know what i was thinking. this just for a joke. yeah,,,
let's consider this a joke. i don't want it to be real. cause he's not worth enough, i think. at least. whatever.


wait, i know what you thinking, yea this is a very absurd
you must be very wonder, what with this sudden...
but i just need to tell you something that really really disturbing me.

okay, *deeply breathe*
this is gonna be much more absurd but,
i think i fall for you. sigh.
if wondering why, i got no answer.
i think you're just one of a kind.
trust me, i've been trying to deny it all the time, but it keeps appear in my mind.
and i kinda hate it.
yea.. yea.. i know. this is so laughable.
you may laughing out loud there when reading this.

and yea.. that's just such a cheesy confession yet the lamest one, isn't it?
and if you're asking me why i wrote you this,
believe me, i don't know either.
having a glance of you in my mind is annoying me.
i always try to find some distractions.
but it didn't work it.
and i hate it.

*sigh* i just need a closure,
i don't like this kind of feeling coz this doesn't feel really good.
i've been here before,in this kind of situation.
and as long as i could remember, it did hurt.

so, writing you this, i just want to relieve my feeling.
hoping that this kind of feeling will stop.
before it grows bigger and deeper.
and turn into a hope.
because i know that would be more hurt.
this ain't a 'love letter' or what.
this just a note. that probably you'll leave it after you read it.

if you think i just embarrassing my self, well, maybe i do.
but i don't really care about it. i'm doing this for myself.

so, after you read this,
you may think i'm such a weirdo or such a freak, will you?
oh yes. maybe i am.
but again, i don't wanna care of it.

that's it.
sorry for confusing you.


hahaha.. damned! deep inside i wish i never knew him. or even meet him.
that would be alot better i guess..

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  1. glek glek glek...
    *numpang kumur-kumur*