11 January 2013

I accidentally stumbled into a friend's blog. many interesting stuff she wrote there. but, what made me rolled my eyes, was about her messy English grammar in some posts. it's so terrible I couldn't ensure if I was too dumb just to understand the simple written English.  pardon if I sounded too conceited, but that was a  noteworthy thing.

I'm afraid people would roll their eyes whenever they read my written English, just like I did to my friend. my English proficiency maybe just in average. good enough in speaking, at least in colloquial expression. my reading is okay, proficient enough though I need to read even more.  so, what's the point? it's not only about the language, it's a matter of how you convey something correctly based on the proper grammar. I'm not a native English speaker, that motivates me to keep learning more and more.