11 January 2013

after more than two years, I just realized that this blog has reached over 5,000 hits. certainly not a thing I should be proud of--of course, I'm not. but, let me thank you! thanks for coming, dear visitors, fellow bloggers, stalker (if any :p) and those who probably lost in Google search, and by any chance clicked the link. still, you cannot participate here, but that doesn't mean I need no second opinions. that is why, I put that Twitter bird picture connected to my account.

okay... what's next? well, I wish I could write something insightful here, something casual but more thoughtful. but nah... maybe next time. I really am in the good mood today. hmm... I don't know, perhaps because I have a good plan for this weekend with my boyfriend! yippee! just a regular date, but it's always been special to me. hahahaa :p