apalah ini...

25 November 2010

"you're responsible to your own happiness"
that's what my bestfriend has told me several times ago. why she told me that wasn't irreasonable.
knowing that this lil' fella (ehm.. me) becoming so weak--i couldnt find the right word, but weak actually isn;t a good word though, but--- ok. milkysmile

the situation was kinda absurd and unexplainable--for at least that's what i was thinking. woaa..
was i thinking well?
i'm not even sure.

here i just wanna say, that, no matter how people treat us, whatever people think about us, their perceptions, their thoughts,
it is just us, who responsible to our own self happiness. don't look for it--that happiness--in shoes shop, or coffee shop or at the mall..
because wherever you step, you go, as long as your heart brings sadness no happiness follows you around.
i mean, though we're in a sad situation, in extremely bad mood, but when we give a lil' happiness comes inside, well pretty much, we're happy no watter where we standing.

the key just,,, take look around. be thankful. of what we are..
so cliche, isn't it?????
yeayeaaa i know....
this post just a note to my self. somehow if my mood turns easily or when really it happens, i just feel soooo.. awful.
and i hate wearing a smiley-faced mask.
it's torturing me inside.
not good. milkysmile
*ok, that emot... hmm.. hahaha!

that's it.. see ya in my next junks!


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    ihiiiiyyy congrats on finding your own happiness ya dear! I shall do my best too :P

  2. well, im not finding it yet actually..
    but, trying my best! ;)