07 January 2014

hello! it's 2014 already! I really am a lazy blogger, aren't I? do I even deserve to claim my self as a blogger though? so, not much to tell what's been happened in my life recently, but I got something important to share. well, when I say important, don't expect me to tell you something big or what. ha ha.

here, when I flipped my calender over the new year, I just realized that this year has many big things ahead. we will have the legislative election, the presidential election, world cup and else. see? there are many things that will be remembered in the future. most important of all, the election to vote the new president of this country. I'm way too excited to screening the candidates on my own. I want to contribute, to participate in this once-in-5-year event, and to use my right for this country. did it sound too much? hell no.
I know how people nowadays being so ignorant about the upcoming election. some said they just don't want to vote. some just trying to educate themselves, to search more, to spare some time to seek information as much as they can. I'm with the latter. I do really want a change. don't you get tired of those continuous problems that don't seem to have an end. many cases that are being neglected and forgotten then eventually vanished with no traces. it's difficult I know,  but at least this is the littlest thing I can do.

if you still think your vote means nothing, you are totally wrong. don't scream or mock that you now live in the wrong country with never-ending corruption cases but you don't give a damn of thing. I think this is our turn to determine what our country would be like in the next 5 years. we surely have that chance. so, in the less 3 months spare your time to read more. we will be having an election held to select the right people sit in the parliament. don't be skeptical, don't lose hope yet.

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