02 March 2013

I'm in the phase where I find it's quite hard on becoming a human being. albeit, I know for sure it's even harder if I were some other creature (let's hope not). to me, the most mysterious place ever, is the human's heart. even the heart's owner could be so flummoxed about what exactly she/he feels. because, you know it's like playing a seesaw. you need to keep the balance in order to not make one side suffers the weight alone.

hmmpph.. okay, let me picture this, you engage in a situation where you know there will be any possibilities if you'll get disappointed, or you'll be extremely happy upon it. but, you don't know yet, thus you prepare the heart to adjust the feeling for whatever that may come. of course, you don't want to feel so miserably upset, yet you don't want to let the euphoria controls you over. you just cannot even define what this feeling is named. isn't it bewildering?

but, aside from what I said above, I feel grateful for still having some emotions, feelings, or whatever this is that confused me, otherwise I'm might be called a soulless body (?)