i put heart on the St.George's cross

11 June 2010

so, it begins. the World Cup finally will keep my eyes open all night long and will decrease my sleep hours. I’m no a soccer freak but I won’t miss any historical-wannabe moment in this event indeed. I love soccer in very normal level. hahaha….
is my fave team by the way..
WC is being held not at the right time for me actually. trapped between the final exams for this semester, and of course, the final project and……… the thesis for sure. great, huh?!

last WC was held at 2006. still fresh in my memories, that was quite a hard time for me, coz I was busy preparing myself for a test to get to university. a.k.a SPMB… nyenyee~

well, I still cant believe that time really went so fast. now 2010. the event just right here in front of us. I just cant wait to feel the euphoria. the scream, the goals, the new record maybe, those charming soccer players (yeiy!) or being fed up coz our fave team might be lost.

whatever it is, this is the time I think where people from all over the world get united focus on their tv, not thinking of any other thing happens outside but in South Africa..

so, what’s your favorite team?

for me, It’s them…. =)

yeaah.. go England! *ini skuad kapan ya btw?


  1. wahh dukung inggris ya?
    kenapa yaa kok banyak banget yang dukung the three lions ini? hehe :)

  2. hahaha...
    karena mereka emang bagus?
    ya.. secara liga inggris liga paling 'diminati; di dunia... hehehe..