Do You Listen To These Too?

04 May 2017

Well, I'm an old-school person stuck in the 90's and early 2000's. Up until now, my playlist has always been filled with the bands that come from this era, which seemingly to be forgotten today. No wonder I'm a tad outdated in regard to music selection. 

Lately, I've been more adventurous rather than sticking with my usual lane. I put Oasis and The Strokes aside so I can give more space to welcome some fresh tunes for my ears. These are the few of them and are mostly played recently. 

There's a subtle meaning about this song, each person can interpret it differently. For some it's about fighting the inner demons within ourselves, for me it's a catchy song to sing it along during cooking time. 
pic source: Google (obviously...)

2. JP Cooper - Passport Home
My current starstruck. JP Cooper is a perfect combination between look and angelic voice. Who would have thought Captain Jack Sparrow could sing beautifully? 

3. Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hell
She's a damn hot girl, I love her I love her I looooove her. Period.
isn't she gorgeous? 

I wanna dance with my husband all night long with this song playing as a background~~

oh a guy with a guitar~~

Mantap jiwa! Hahahhaa I love this song so much, reminding me of how great it is to sharing life with my husband 

6. Jonas Blue feat. RAYE - By Your Side
My 17-month son loves to imitate the echo part "....side...side by your side oooooh..." with his own language of course. 

I don't know much about the band. Been listening to only a few of their songs. This one is really good I think. 
...oh lyfe...

That's all, seven current songs I've been into lately. Not really bad, isn't it? So, Do you listen to these too? Or perhaps you have another list? 

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