15 March 2015

By the time we got married, I had known my husband for more than ten years. Despite on how long we have built this friendship in such a length of time, still there's a lot of adaption to be adjusted. After living under one roof, I'm glad we still possess this kind of spark that surprises us in some ways. Marriage requires more than just a love, it demands a good sex (ehem...) and also a good sense of humor. The latter tickles me sometimes. 

I once had this "not so funny when it's written down, but quite hilarious when it's happened" kind of joke. I told to some friends, and they just stared at me with this weird "are you joking me or what" look. However, when I told this to my husband, he laughed so loudly as he saw the joke himself. I know, I know it's a lame example. It's either the joke wasn't that funny, or both my husband and I had a bad taste of humor. One thing I realize, you don't have to be such a clown just to make a person laughs. I mean, sometimes a good relationship is founded by the way of each party sees a thing in the same side. Comparing the ideas without making one feels less fascinated than the other. 

It's only been three months, it's just a tiny step to a thousand billions miles to go. I have no proper capability to prate about a marriage speech, but I understand and am continue learning that marriage is a hard work. This could be tiring, we might need to take a break in the future. When world gets boring you, the only entertainment probably comes from your loved one. 
Somebody must be funnier than the other one. If you think your spouse is a dull person, then be the opposite. After an exhausting day in the office, trust me it feels really good to listen to your husband tells you how clueless he was, when doing grocery shopping.  

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