08 April 2014

how easy for you to judge someone's personality?
 if I bring this question up ten or twelve years ago, you might find it hard to answer. you have to make an acquaintance at very least.  but nowadays, it is that easy. as simple as you type his/her name on Google search box. then, voila. all the links of information you probably need come up to the surface. unless, this person has engaged with no social media at all. but, doesn't it sound improbable these days? name it Facebook, twitter, instagram, path etc, I bet every one of us, at least has tried to make one.

from those posts that someone made on his/her social media, we have this tiny clue on how a person think about the outside world. i find this really interesting, filtering myself if this someone is a fun person or just a pain in the neck. I have one experience for this. I thought I might adore this guy. I once found his twitter account and read all his tweets. did I get anything interesting? hell no. it was such a major turn-off, when I figured out that this guy tends to say mocking words. I cannot tolerate a person who says profanity in public spaces. not even in twitter. see? and that's enough for me to see a slight of someone's personality. just enough to decide whether I need to get to know him/her further.

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