10 December 2012

I believe people don't walk on the same path. neither they own an equal map to read the directions.
perhaps, they have been led someplace resemble to one another, but do you notice they bring different burden in their shoulders? some bring a heavy weight in their carry-on, while some other, could walk weightlessness, because they carry nothing. let's put aside what my position is, whether the first one, or the latter one. in one moment, I could be both. I could bring tons of burden on my back, the weight that I know I couldn't handle for too long. but I could cleverly pretend that I bring nothing. this kind of trick, I have been doing since forever ago.

I know there would be a moment I couldn't prolong my time to bring such a weight.
a moment I ought to loosen my load, in order to not being tortured by a backache.
a moment where I finally meet an intersection.
a moment I bravely decide to get rid of the envy and the jealousy away.