04 July 2011

seriously, dude? you read worm?

i love books. okay, who doesn't? they give us knowledge. though i'm not a huge fan of reading, i mean, i love reading of course--one of my hobbies-- but i'm not that freak.
in fact, i read less. but, hey, i'm a fan of some so-called literature. i do love some of Edgar Allan Poe's, Agatha Christie, the Grimm brother's, H.C Andersen's, Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and so forth..
not to mention, some of modern literature such as, Harry Potter (!), Lord Of The Rings (which is my very most favorite ever!), and some from the beloved author, Paulo Coelho.

after a while, i decided to buy some new books couple times ago. it's been like forever ago, since the last time i bought a 'serious' book. it was "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom, and FYI, i haven't finished reading it yet. hahaha...
as it being said, i don't do much reading. so, it takes even some time for me to finish just one book. but, when I've been captivated by one, i could possibly finish it only short in time. some days maybe. a week at least :D

i'm not picky, i do read all, most are novels. mystery probably my favorite. some fantasy adventures also. anything with the riddles in it, could be very excite me.
i don't really like a motivation books. i mean, i don't need books to get me motivated.
hhmm... what else?

and then, to intrigue my interest in reading, hence, i proclaim to myself "The 30 Days to Read". so, in everyday (for to the next 30 days since today), i must read at least some pages of one book. this exclude Qur'an of course.
it may english or bahasa, novel or any literature.
hmm... can i? i don't know. this ain't a serious deal. i'll give an award to myself if make it! hehehe.
enough for now.
see ya!

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