27 December 2012

I recently find that people nowadays are so easily saying swearwords, spreading distaste, expressing about how they detest something (or someone). pathetically, I find it almost everyday in that micro-blogging site. either it's being said by my followings, or by some accounts I stumbled into. to be honest, I don't really comfortable with that. though it's not my business at all (hey, who am I to them?)
I cannot reprove them just like that.

I do judge people by their language. their choice of words to explicate their purpose. words to deliver the messages, to convey what in the speaker's mind. yes, I really do. hence, (sometimes) I despise those who casually say profanity in public spaces (social media for example). because, language does represent who you truly are. then think more than twice if you're going to say something bad.