29 November 2012

I was on my way home, when I saw these billboards, banners, posters etc--wait, I have seen them since months ago, but just had this thought come. yes, If you live in Bekasi, I bet you know what kind of billboards those are. they are campaign tools, for the mayor candidates. the upcoming local election will be held in the mid of December--which means it less than a month to go.
funny thing is, I don't even recognize all of the candidates. who are they? do they even live in this city? what are they going to do if they have been elected?
they just sell themselves only by the banners, billboards with such an enormous size of their close-up pictures, not to mention its pedantic written text to embellish it. they sell the words, they can't even guarantee whether it can be fulfilled.
am I gonna vote? obviously. but, whom?
still have no idea.