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07 February 2012

Ehem. *Serius mode : On*

Saya masih kebayang percakapan kita tadi siang di KFC. random banget yaa.
kamu tahu, banyak teman saya bilang saya banyak tersenyum belakangan ini, guess what?
you're one of the reasons behind it. even it's you the main reason, actually. your smile for specifically. (doh! ketularan ngegombal giniiiii. ck!)

well, postingan ini juga random juga sih. saya juga ga ngerti mau nulis apa. ada unek-unek di kepala yang harus dikeluarin. and... here it is. another lame post. hahaha!
here goes one thing for you to note, if you ever doubt me, someday, just bravely come to me and ask. I mean, if one day there's something bothering you, about me or else...just let me know.
and again i don't know why I'm writing this. hahhaa... I told you, it's gonna be a random one.

dan saya juga ga tau kenapa nulis ini (udah dibilang tadi yaa).
trus...apalagi yaaa. tadi tuh kayanya banyak banget yang mau ditulis, pas buka blog post ini kenapa jadi speechless yaaa...
well, just so you know, one does not simply let go their source of happiness. True story.
ahh... of course, I won't.

dan.... udah ah.
*Serius mode : off*

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