life currently

02 July 2011

i dont know how i describe how my life these days.
i feel bored, many things seem can't please me well. the thesis and this final project, which i'm doing rite now, i don't think it's interest me anymore.
maybe because, I've been doing this since second semester of last year, which means, this thing has been going on for almost a year (!), the challenges are not captivate me for longer. blah~~

though, it hasn't finished yet, but i'm about trying to finish it immediately! it's a must!!!
i'm having had too much of this for quite long. this college phase should be end, as soon as possible.
ah, not in here or my other blog, i always muttering about how boring my life is now.
am i turning into such a lame creature now?
this can't be happening... d'oh!
but, seriously i think i need some 'rollercoaster' now. this stagnancy making me feel so plain...

this is too absurd. my life is, unfortunately.

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